A Book of Sharing

The Book

Under a Wide Sky will be a book of days of 366 readings contributed by people of differing backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, circumstances, age and experience, and will be presented as a beautiful, small volume which can be enjoyed at home or provide inspiration while travelling.

What is the vision?

To place side by side readings suggested by people of different faiths, and from secular society, which will emphasise the values, hopes and fears which unite us all, and explore the joys and challenges of living together on our shared planet.

To encourage participation from those excited and encouraged by the idea of being involved in this collaborative project at a time of anxiety, turmoil and danger for many people around the world.

The Format

A book of days running from 1st January to 31st December. The book will cover a wide range of themes arranged within the twelve months of the year.

What are the monthly themes?

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An illustration by Steven Jenkins will mark the beginning of each month and celebrate the four seasons. Follow his work in progress in the coming months.

Example contributions and page design

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Not for Profit

This is a ‘not for profit’ project. Proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit the Refugee Council.


UK Registered Charity no. 1014576




Background Information

The initial inspiration for this project came from a small book of prayers, a ‘book of days’ first published in 1898 and left to me by my father.  I always kept it with me and found it contained much inspiration, wisdom and guidance.  A few years ago I began to wonder how I could produce a related book for this time; a book which would connect with a multi-faith, multi-cultural and secular society, through emphasising the values, experiences, concerns and aspirations that we all share, despite our differences.

At first I thought that I would work mostly alone with some help and advice from friends and contacts. However, I soon realised how much richer the project would become if I simply provided a framework of themes, and the texts were contributed by people from many different backgrounds.

The book will be the embodiment of a spirit of sharing, generosity and co-operation which I hope will also underpin its creation, distribution and readership.

I am a grannie to four young children, the steward of a small wood in North Somerset, and a part-time photographer and writer. For nearly thirty years I was the organist for a small village church.  I  now attend a monthly service of Universal Worship and write and read a ‘Reflection’ on the given theme for each month.

I am delighted that the Refugee Council has agreed to be associated with this project.

Sarah Backhouse