How do I contribute a reading?

Any text that you find inspiring, beautiful, challenging or supportive, and which is loosely based on one or more of the given themes, will be considered for inclusion in the book. Original work is also welcome, as are texts in foreign languages with English translations (see example contributions). Please include the author’s name, if known.

Texts may vary in length from a few words to a maximum of 18 lines (poetry) or a maximum of 170 words (prayers or prose).

Send a poem, prayer, or extract of prose to me, Sarah Backhouse, the compiler and editor, by email or post. Please give your name and any additional information you are happy to include, eg your job, interests, age, and where you live. You may also like to make a short comment about the text. Please do not exceed 40 words in total.

It will be necessary for me to obtain permission to include texts that are currently protected by copyright.

All suggestions will be gratefully received and acknowledged, and if yours is selected I will be in touch with more detailed information. As editor, my decision on what to include will be final.

The deadline for consideration of texts is 1st March 2021.  The finished book will be available online.

Please contact me if you would like further information and thank you for your interest.

Email your suggested reading to me, Sarah Backhouse:-