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A Book of Sharing

Under a Wide Sky will be a ‘book of days’ of 366 readings; some readings to be selected by me, Sarah Backhouse, and many others contributed by people of differing backgrounds, cultures, ages and experience.

The book will be presented as a small, beautifully illustrated volume and will cover a wide range of themes arranged within the twelve months of the year (see Themes). The themes have been chosen to celebrate our common humanity and shared values within a multi-faith and secular world.

What is the vision?

To place side by side readings suggested by people of different faiths, and from secular society, which will emphasise the values, hopes and fears which unite us all, and explore the joys and challenges of living together on our shared planet.

To encourage participation from those excited and encouraged by the idea of being involved in this widely collaborative project at a time of anxiety, turmoil and danger for many people around the world.

You are invited to share any text that you find inspiring, beautiful, challenging or supportive, and which is loosely based on one or more of the chosen themes.  Original work, either poetry or prose, is also welcomed for consideration.  (See: How to contribute a reading)

The format

The book will be in the form of a ‘book of days’ running from 1st January to 31st December. It will encompass a range of universal themes arranged within the twelve months of the year.

You can view Example Contributions to get an idea of what the final book will look like.

What are the monthly themes?

Please view the Themes page.


An illustration by Steven Jenkins will mark the beginning of each month with its chosen themes. A celebration of the four seasons will also be integrated into the designs. Examples of these can be found on the Themes page.

Not for profit

This is a ‘not for profit’ project. Any profit from sales will go to support the Refugee Council:  

PO Box 68614
E15 9DQ

Tel: 020 7346 1205